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Tiligadi Agrifood

Tiligadi has been proceeding on it’s way by knowledge and experience that it took from the past.. Originated in Aegean Region, the mother land of olive oil.

Tiligadi Agrifood of Crete is a Greek company which produce food products related to a traditional Cretan cuisine since 1998. We make products from organic ingredients that are hand-picked and processed according to traditional family recipes, with tremendous health benefits.

  • Innovative Techniques
  • Natural Production
  • Original Taste
  • Eco-friendly

Our Philosophy

Creating unbreakable relationships of trust with our customers.

We are one of the leader premium olive oil manufacturers and exporters in Crete, Greece. We give a service to the olive oil sector and the customers with our own pressing, storage, and packing units. Tiligadi Agrifood makes their productions under International Olive Oil standards.

Because it’s a family operation, we can trace the journey of the olives from tree to bottle. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away – put simply it’s 100% olive juice.


Our Products

Extra Virgin Oil · Made in Crete